Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Shohin Spring

My small trees are starting to look nice now, having had a spell of nice warm and sunny weather.

Japanese Maple, Chinese Elm, Fern Accent

European Larch

English Elm

Larch and Elm for size comparison

European Hornbeam


Blackthorn for size comparison

Japanese Maple

Japanese Maple for Size comparison

Korean Hornbeam

Chinese Elm

Silver Birch

Chinese Elm Tanuki

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Bumblebee rescue

My good deed for the day.

As most people know, Bumblebees are having a bit of a hard time here in the UK, so when I found this big one walking around on our patio, very lethargic and not able to fly, I thought I give it a bit of a helping hand.

I offered it a drop of honey on the end of a stick and it spent a good five minutes lapping it up.

You could actually see that after a few minutes it started to gain some strength

Shortly after it took off (a bit unsteady from the sugar rush) and headed straight for the cherry blossom on a nearby tree and started to feed and collect pollen.

Hopefully it is going to find a place to settle and produce loads more of these gorgeous creatures.

Friday, 7 March 2014

Spring is in the air

Wow! Not posted anything since Christmas!  I really must make a bit more of an effort.

Anyhow, The trees are showing signs of waking up from their winter dormancy, which means reptting time.

I made a start on some of my smaller shohin and mame trees that had protection in the cold greenhouse over the winter.  Too many to show individually, but here are a few group photos of today's effort.

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Monday, 2 December 2013

Two more Display Tables

A bit more spare time this last weekend, so I thought I might bring a few more bits of wood to good use.

I am a bit o a hoarder when it comes to odd bits of wood, so from time to time I have to justify this habit by actually using some of it.

Hand Tools used:  Tenon saw, Fret saw, block plane, mitre block, mitre square, sandpaper, rasp
Power tools used: Drill, Palm sander, Plunge router, Dremel with sanding wheel
No screws or nails, all joints are glued with either dowelled or mortice and tenon joints.

So, here is pile No.1, a bit of plywood and a few odd offcuts

This was used to make this little lacquered display table.  It needs the initial lacquer coat sanding and then 2 more coats of Lacquer.

Pile No.2, offcuts of solid Oak Floorboards

This was turned into a two tier shohin display table

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Winter Quarters

We have had a couple of nights with a good frost (-3/-4C), so I thought it was about time to move some of the more vulnerable plants in to the Greenhouse.  I have a small thermostat controlled heater in here that will keep the temperature just above freezing (3-5C).

Mainly some established trees that don't like too much cold, like trident maples, azalea and outdoor Chinese Elm, also my growing collection of mame and shohin sized trees in small pots and of course the cuttings that were rooted earlier this year.

Most of the Japanese White Pine and Junipers are now in the cold Greenhouse, mainly to protect them from excessive rainfall and cold winds.  No heating in here and the greenhouse is well ventilated.  The Pyracantha are in there to keep the birds from stripping the berries.

My Scots Pine seedlings and starter plants will stay out until the weather turns really bad and then they will join the Junipers in the cold greenhouse.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Pots for sale

I have sorted through a stack of pots I have recently acquired from an old chap who has given up the hobby due to health problems.  There were the usual Chinese and Korean import pots, but one of the boxes had a few gems in it.  Not sure of their origin, but they have all developed an nice patina over years of use and storage and the glazes and styles are quite unusual.

I kept a few of these to pot up some of my trees next year, and have listed the ones shown below on my ebay shop for sale.  The one in the first picture has just sold .